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Author of "A Road up the Shimmering Blues" | Creator of atomeOS | Founder of Swattle | Co-founder of MergeURL | Programmer | YouTuber

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What I Do

I currently develop macOS, mobile, and web apps. My main objective is to strive to do stuff that has high reachability and impeccable productivity, not only on a large scale but also implementing this root idea even on a small scale.

Apart from programming, I'm a part-time content creator. I typically upload videos on YouTube making me a kinda, YouTuber. I also write articles, answers, and books.


Who I Am

I'm a 21-year-old student, programmer, writer, web video producer, foodie, PlayStation gamer, and a massive proponent of learning. I try to learn new stuff every day.

Music and movies are my ideal way of getting refreshed. I'm a Potterhead. My all-time favorite movie is Forrest Gump, favorite TV shows include The Big Bang Theory and Suits, and my favorite artists include Blackpink and Coldplay.

My other hobbies include stargazing, coin collecting, and playing Tennis and Cricket. Also, I almost forgot to say that I'm an avid airplane lover. I can fly planes in professional simulators.


My Work

My work generally varies and goes through different fields. I typically spend time on everything I come across. Everything is not my cup of tea, and therefore, my primary work contribution only lies in Programming, Physics, Entrepreneurship, and Content Creating.

First, I will talk about programming. I'm a macOS, mobile, and web application developer. I've developed and released an efficient operating system named atomeOS that competes with the industry-leading OSs for efficiency. Some of my other work and contributions to the open-source community received accolades and international awards. My tech stack includes Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, TypeScript, Shell, Python, C#, Linux, Git, Android, iOS, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, Node.js, React.js, Firebase, and DevOps. Check out my GitHub to take a little glance over my works.

Next up is Physics. My area of expertise is Black Holes. I have researched three years on the escape velocity required for light to escape the Event Horizon of a Black Hole. I found out that it already exists in one of Stephen Hawking's journal. My approach to the problem coincidentally coincides with his, and our results are proven to be false.

I also founded a non-profit educational startup named Vittbookpro back in 2014. It's an attempt of mine to teach, spread, and make everyone accessible to programming across the globe. It educated about 600 people in the basics of C++, and the community had about 12000 people at its peak. It deceased operations in 2016 as I didn't have enough time to spend on it.

In mid-2020, I also started a non-profit software company named Swattle, which paves a way into eco-friendly computing. Swattle currently distributes atomeOS, and the company is numerously developing different products based on macOS, mobile, and web. I'm also teaming up with eco-friendly organizations as partners to gain more reach and versatility.

Apart from writing code or doodling problems on paper, I'm also a part-time content creator. I produce and publish videos on YouTube. I'm technically a YouTuber. Yay! And yeah, I also write books.

These are a brief description of my work. I generally try to keep my life as much private as I can. In case you want to know more about me and my work, check out my social links provided on the webpage. Drop-in a message in the "Contact" section if you are looking forward to schedule a call with me.



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