A Road up the Shimmering Blues

A refreshing fictional novel based on the evolution of a curious teenager.

About the Book

Viyon is a young gifted boy who considers himself under-confident despite outperforming his peers by a significant margin. When life was going pretty well, he wasn’t happy, and suddenly, when things went south, his entirety became a question. This starts taking a huge toll on him; several clashes between his parents, unfortunate events forcing him to shift to one of the most brutal and dreadful schools in the country. This thrilling and captivating story follows the journey of Viyon trying to find himself and establish a part in life; in a world where the odds are unbalanced. The main objective for him—to learn to face his fears and doubts head-on so that they succeed in bringing out the star in him for the world to see.


  • English
  • 218 Pages (Paperback)
  • 12 Chapters + Epilogue
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ (Paperback)
  • 1st Edition (20 January 2021)
  • Contemporary Fiction


Viyon Aleck

The protagonist; Born May 29th to the Aleck’s, an average American family.

Miriam Aleck

Viyon's mother; A registered nurse at the local hospital.

Justin Aleck

Viyon's father; A junior partner barrister in a law firm.


Viyon's close friend.

Amanda Freeman

Viyon's classmate and friend.

Excerpt from the Book

Viyon made his way gingerly across the yard to the front door, he has walked through this place a thousand times before and had the map of the house in his head. Running his hand along the wall; he located the light switch and flipped it, illuminating the sitting room. The light brought everything into perspective making the place look better. The voicemail machine had two messages from his mom telling him she’d not be home for dinner as she would be running a late-night shift. He played the next message after that was done playing.

“Hey honey, I’m terribly sorry about missing your game tonight. I followed up on it though, and heard you were amazing. I’m making it up to you, starting now... I had a pack of your favorite pizza delivered to the house. I’ll see you early tomorrow morning. Love you darling!”

“At least there’s pizza,” he said.

He went to the kitchen where there was an opening where the pizza guy could slip it in and leave it and go. As soon as he turned on the light, he spotted the box of pizza right where he thought it would be.


He grabbed a slice out of the box, nibbling on it as he put the rest of the box in the microwave to let it heat up a little. While he waited for the pizza to warm up, he rummaged the fridge for milk and apples. The microwave alarm went off and he stuffed both hands with pizza and milk; holding the apple in his mouth with his teeth as he made his way to the couch. Once there, he dropped his ‘spoils of war’ on the center table, making himself comfortable on the couch where he would spend the next couple of hours relishing his victorious conquest with the latest season of ‘Mortal Combat’.

Being home alone sure had its perks on it. Had mom been at home, she would never have allowed him to litter the place with his personal items and settle into a box of pizza, while binge-watching a ‘violent’ movie. He chuckled as he looked around the sitting room and noticed just how much of a mess, he made in just a few minutes. He made a mental note to clean it up before his mom got off from work the next day. He loved his mom a lot and would not want her to be heartbroken, which is what she would be if she found the place in this state when she returned. His dad, however, was into a totally different case.

He heard movements outside the house and paused the movie to go and take a look at it.

“Who’s there?”

— Rest continued in the book


A Road up the Shimmering Blues is currently available only in paperback and eBook format.

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